Meal replacement based-diet is your friend

Step-by-Step Guide

Use the following steps to properly implement this new diet in your life. Feel free to test outside of these steps if you feel the need.

Don't Forget to always drink atleast 2L of water everyday aswell.

1. Record your Stats

You can use a physical diary, an excel document or even a Notion file to record your stats. You should do this before you start your journey, and then repeat every year at the same date preferably.

It should have the following information:

  • Date

  • Photos

  • Age

  • Height

  • Weight

  • Body Parts (waist, arm, etc…)

  • Body Fat

  • Blood Test

2. Choose your Meal Replacement

This is where most people find this diet odd. The entirety of the diet is based on meal replacements. The community is large and there already some legends that have already tried 100% switching their diet with these shakes for more than 4 years. I've been on shakes for the last 2 years and I've never felt better. Other benefits from these shakes is that you'll never have to cook or clean dishes ever again (I'm looking at you lazy bums).

Here's my Meal Replacement Top 3

3. Calculate your Serving Size

Another benefit of drinking meal replacements is how easy it is to track calories ingested. For you to now how many shakes you need to drink per day, use this really neat calculator.

How to Calculate your Caloric Intake Target on Sailrabbit's Calculator?

  1. Fill in your age, height, weight, sex, body fat, and activity level for the most accurate result.

  2. Select one of formulas to calculate your BMR, or average them all together.

  3. On the Weight Goal Calculator, select the Gain radio button.

  4. While remaining on the Gain row, go to the Weekly column and fill in with how many kilograms you want to gain weekly. I'd advise not to go higher than 1kg a week.

  5. Now go to the Daily column, Caloric Intake Target row and see how many calories you need each day.

  6. Divide the Caloric Intake Target from Sailrabbit by the calories each shake you've bought has. Example In my case, each YFood has 500 calories and my Caloric Intake Target is 2500 calories (gaining around 0.77kg each week). That means I only have to drink 5 shakes a day.

4. Gradually Replace your Diet with Meal Replacements

Start by replacing 1 meal per day until your body is used to it. If you try to change all meals at once you might feel sick and experience stomach aches and other annoying symptoms.

When you get used to that daily meal replacement, switch another meal. Repeat until you've replaced all your meals.

If your weight stays about the same for 3 to 4 weeks straight, increase or decrease your calories by 10%.

5. Extra Calories and Where to Find Them

You'll probably struggle with just the shakes alone. But if you're able to add extra things on your diet, add this:

  • Mass Gainer ↗

  • Nuts

Helpful Equipment

To record your stats and drink your shakes you should have this equipment.

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